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Upcycle Wooden Crates into a Coffee Table

I’ve been admiring these for a while now.  What an awesome idea!  I only have two crates, though, and they are different sizes.  It’s definitely something you want to do yourself, though.  I saw one on Etsy for $250.oo!  I found a tutorial on Upcycle That.  The link is below.   http://www.upcyclethat.com/crate-coffee-table/2575/  

Unconventional Simplicity


Unconventional Simplicity s living simply, but living it my way.  I am an artist.  I have always been drawn to the traditional arts.  Making the things that long ago women had to make to care for her family.  Women who were strong and lovely and talented.  Talented artists who made creation a part of every aspect of their lives.  Unknowingly. …Read more »

Traditional arts, crafts, and ideas using modern design, style, and materials to create the new simple life.
Contact us at dorenegayle@unconventionalsimplicity.com.

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